Q. My child wants to be cabin mates with a friend that is in a different program, can they still be housed together?

A. Campers must request other campers within their same program to be housed together. If campers request other campers from outside of their program we will do our best to have them near each other (i.e. the same village) but can not guarantee is.

Q. What are the requirements for the swim test?

A. Campers are to be able to swim three 25 meter laps and tread water for 2 minutes.

Q. How many cabin buddies can I request for my child's summer camp cabin?

A. This year, you may request three buddies. Buddies must be reciprocated (they must request you as well).

Q. How many campers can stay in one cabin? Does their counselor stay in the same room?

A. Our cabins can sleep anywhere from 6 to 8 campers per room, along with their counselor.

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