CAIRN Gap Year Program


Thank you for checking out Cairn, Timber-lee’s gap year program!

Research has shown that students who take a gap-year after high school are better equipped for academic success, have more clarity in their careers, and demonstrate a broader understanding of themselves. The Cairn program seeks to offer these opportunities, while cultivating a deeper love for God and His Creation in the context of Christian community.

Over a nine-month period, students will work as camp staff, learn from a variety of classes, study Scripture, and explore Creation together as they investigate their unique passions and calling.


The word cairn comes from the Scottish Gaelic: càrn, which is a stack of rocks. They may be seen in wilderness settings as a marker, or a place of significance, meaning someone has been there before. Many times it signifies the path ahead is not clear, compelling one to focus.

A cairn becomes a place to stop and take a moment to reflect on where you’ve been, recognizing lessons learned from the journey thus far, but also looking ahead for the next marker. Often times, arriving at a place of uncertainty can be seen negatively, but in reality it reminds us of the necessity of our faith. We learn to trust in our Father and what He has already put in place for us as we keep moving forward.