Thoughts from Alumni

Thoughts from Alumni

What about the LCM program provided you professional growth?

“I’ve always worked in the background areas of camp, making things run but having minimal contact with actual campers. I’ve loved that, but this program had us up front with kids while we taught courses and then led the programming during the winter. We also were able to host weekends and be the contact for groups during their stay at Timber-lee. All of those times really stretched my communication skills, took my initial shyness away, and really gave me the confidence I have today to interact with those around me, both professionally and socially.” Ashley Hutchinson LCM 2007

“The single biggest thing that contributed to my professional growth was getting to learn from the year-round staff. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable about their areas and more than willing to let me pick their brains. The best part is that many of these relationships continue today so I can still learn from them.” Bradley Doherty LCM 2011

Did you grow in any other ways?

“Having the opportunity to hear multiple sermons through the Programmed Retreats from various pastors, meeting new people from different churches, and spending time with other LCM’s really helped my individual walk with the Lord.” Matt Gilbert LCM 2012

“God changed my heart so much throughout the program. He pulled me close to Him, had me focus on His plan for my life and broke down a lot of walls that weighed me down.” Chelsea Marks LCM 2013

What were some things you learned?

“I learned to interact with people who weren’t exactly like me. With 18 interns, plus other camp staff and the camp patrons, you were always surrounded by a huge range of people types. I learned that the key to Christian Camping is to show love to everyone you meet. That can be by serving them in your camp role, but a lot of times that’s just interacting with them and creating relationships. The LCM program was such a life changing year for me because of all of those relationships I built.” Ashley Hutchinson LCM 2007

“I learned about the importance of community, how to tend to it, how it can heal our brokenness, and the kind of person I want to be in a community.” Jared Allan Kingry LCM 2014

“I learned a lot about what happens behind the scene at a camp. It was a constant learning experience even when I wasn’t officially working. Observing the full-time staff and experiencing different aspects of camp from the light of an intern better prepared me to be a leader, no matter what task I am taking on.” Luke Steffen, LCM 2015

What was the community like?

“The community is what makes the program so powerful. This is not a year of just getting to know people; it’s lifelong friendships. I think of the conversations I had with Josh waiting for canoeing to start, all the adventures with Becca, or with Evan trying to teach me how to sing Beyonce’. I gained a family while working there. I use people’s names in this answer not because I think you know them, but because how personal these times and people are for me.” Steph Jeske LCM 2012