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Timber-lee's School Programs - Learn More Here.

Welcome to our 600-acre classroom! We offer school-age children the opportunity to participate in an overnight camp experience.

The Outdoor Education program consists of:

  • Science Education Center
  • Timber Challenge
  • Saddle Horn Ranch

These are a method for supporting the existing school curriculum and state standards. It provides a means of involving both the teacher and the student in direct and purposeful learning in a wide variety of outdoor settings. Through activities led by Timber-lee instructors, students are exposed to hands-on learning in the outdoors as well as a memorable experience with classmates in a productive environment.

Outdoor Education Course List

Our Outdoor Education offerings at the Science Education Center, Timber Challenge facilities, and Saddle Horn Ranch are categorized under five main areas:

  • Environmental Education
  • Historical Education
  • Outdoor Adventure Skills
  • Teambuilding
  • Community Activities

+ Outdoor Education Catalog

Science Education Center

We have a state-of-the-art 14,000 sq. ft. Science Education Center that further enhances the program with interpretative displays, live animal rooms, and classrooms.

Timber Challenge Facility

Timber Challenge programs cultivate growth and interdependence on our High Ropes Course, Tower Climb, Zipline, and Teambuilding exercises.

Saddle Horn Ranch

The Saddle Horn Ranch exposes students to real farm animals, horses, leather crafts, and more!

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All classes are conducted by Timber-lee staff and have been designed to be one hour in length. A 15 minute pass-between-classes is needed to allow for class rotation and for class starting times to stay on schedule.

Can't make it to Timber-lee? We also provide an onsite school visit called Talk With The Animals where our trained Timber-lee staff brings the animals to you!