Outdoor Education Course List

Environmental Education

Animal Encounter
This live animal presentation introduces you to animals up close and personal. K-8 (FWS)

Animal Tracking
Create your very own plaster cast of an animal footprint and spend time outside locating and identifying footprints and other animal signs. 3-8 (FWS)

Learn constellations, planet and other astronomy facts from our “Planetarium” star ceiling and digital media. 4-8 (FWS)

Bird Watching
Learn the basics of bird identification and practice using binoculars on an outdoor hike. 4-8 (FWS)

Bug’s Life
Observe arthropods in different stages of their life cycle, create your own insect creations and conduct and arthropod hint. 2-8 (FWS)

Comparison of Communities
Hike through woodlands, prairie, and wetlands to discover their unique characteristics through observation, measurements, and exploration. K-8 (FS)

Creation Experience
Step back in time to the dawn of creation and walk throughout the seven room multi sensory experience of the days recorded in the book of Genesis 1-12 (FWS)

Dinosaurs and Fossils
Using our fossil collection, discuss how fossils are made and take home your own fossil mold! 4-8 (FWS)

Endangered Communities
Learn about endangered native communities in the Midwest and learn in the field through simulations and stewardship learning activities. 5-8 (FWS)

Energy Workshop
Electricity is shocking. Find out what energy is, where it comes from and how we use it. 4-8 (FWS)

Farm Animals
Learn about the workings of farms, animal care, and the origin of agricultural products. Feed and touch goats, sheep, chickens, and even steers. K-8 (FWS)

Field Geology
Rock classifications, characteristics, and fossil types are introduced. Then students collect rocks, minerals, and fossils in the field. 4-8 (FS)

Forest exploration
Come explore the woods, find out who lives there, white types of forests there are and what makes a quality forest community. 5-8 (FS)

Geo Lab
Students learn how to use the properties of minerals to identify them in a laboratory setting. Chemical and physical characteristics will be examined along with macro and microscopic crystal structure. Equipment such as thin sections and microscopes, scratch plates, UV lights, Bunsen burners, weak acids, conductivity, and radioactivity meters will be used. 4-8 (FWS)

Glacier (Kettle) Geology
Learn about glacial features from the kettles on site. Then create your own glacier formations to reinforce concepts learned in class. 4-8 (FWS)

Ground Water Study
Using a sand tank model, students will understand what groundwater is, where it comes from, how it is used and how pollution affects it. 4-8 (FWS)

Nature Hike
The purpose of this hike is to interpret the natural phenomena found during a hike through the beautiful Kettle Moraine prairie, wetland and forest communities. 4-8 (FWS)

Nature’s Home Walk
During a hike in Timber-lee’s natural areas, students will search for and learn about animal homes. K-3 (FS)

Sensory Hike
Young Explorers discover their five senses; seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and more to reveal the world around them K-3 (FS)

Recipe of a Forest
Learn to identify the key components to a forest ecosystem. Students will experience touch, smell, and visually observe these components. K-4 (FS)

Human Body Discovery
Through discussion and hands-on displays, students learn about their body’s structure, organs, systems, and senses. K-8 (FWS)

Laboratory Geology
Learn how to use properties of minerals to identify them in a laboratory setting. Equipment such as thin sections and microscopes, scratch plates, UV lights Bunsen burners, weak acids, conductivity and radioactivity meters will be used. 4+ (FWS)

Macroinvertebrate Aquatic Study
Collect, observe and identify macroscopic water organisms that are in the marshes, kettle ponds, and lake using identification keys and pond nets. 1-8 (FS)

Marine Life
We will discuss, observe and conduct the hands-on examination of marine creatures and their environment to understand the uniqueness of marine life. K-8 (FWS)

Micro Community Study
Using survey equipment and techniques, explore and record findings of the small communities within larger systems. 4-6 (FWS)

Microinvertebrate Aquatic Study
Observe aquatic communities outdoors and collect samples, then observe microorganisms, quantify and discuss water chemistry and nutrients. 4-12 (FWS)

Nature Games
Have fun learning about animal survival, habitats, camouflage, and the pressure animals face for survival through active play. 1-4 (FWS)

Physical Discovery Room
Use hands on discovery stations to learn about space, matter, energy, and time. Be challenged to learn about the physical world we live in through problem-based investigation. 4-8 (FWS)

Raptor Studies
See raptors, dissect raptor pellets, learn a variety of raptor calls, and learn how raptors are designed to be excellent hunters. 4-8 (FWS)

Salient Soils - Soil Science
Collect and examine the properties of soils, then work in groups to observe physical and chemical properties of soils and interactions with plants, animals, and humans. 4-8 (FWS)

Search the night sky for constellations and other things in space that we cannot view by day, 5-8 (FWS)

Student Forrester
Be introduced to the valuable resource of forests and the science of Forest Management. Determine forest health and status by using different tools and taking various measurements. 5-8 (FS)

Tree Identification
Discovery basic tree structures and characteristics by using a tree key and observation to identify a variety of trees on our grounds. 4-8 (FWS)

Winter Aquatic Study
Learn about the annual Cycles of ponds and shallow lakes by discussing and observing winter aquatic communities and by collecting water samples to be examined for wildlife health indicators. 4-8 (W)

Wonders of Winter
Find our the climatological explanation for winter and meteorological conditions that form the weather of winter. See how plants and animals survive. 1-6 (W)

Historical Education

Be instructed in the proper way of stamping leather. With a wide variety of leather crafts available, you will have your own creation to take home with you. 4-8 (FWS)

Native American History
Find our who historically lived in the Midwest. Learn what their lives were like, how they managed the land and wildlife, what they ate (try some native foods in season). The survey may use artifacts, photos, native games, or construction of a native dwelling. 4-8 (FWS)

Pioneer History
Use primary records to uncover the lives of the pioneers of the Midwest. Using a variety of historical documents, legends, and cemetery stones, piece together the story of living the pioneer life. 4-8 (FWS)

Outdoor Adventure Skills

Learn about archery safety, equipment range procedures, and basic skills. Put this knowledge into practice on our archery range under the direction of a trained instructor. 4-12 (FS)

Learn about water safety, parts of the canoe and basic strokes. Under the supervision of a lifeguard, develop your skills while canoeing on Peters Lake. 4-12 (FS)

Cross Country Skiing
Learn about equipment and fundamental techniques of Nordic Skiing. Then proactive the skills of striding, turning, navigating hills and more on our groomed trails. 4-12 (W)

Global Positioning System (GPS)
This class introduces you to the GPS system and allows for experience using GPS equipment in fun applications. 5-12 (FWS)

Map Making
Focus on measurement and graphing technique and be introduced to topographic maps. use basic surveying to construct a topographical contour map of one of our glacially formed kettles. 4-8 (FWS)

Orienteering I
Learn the history of the compass, its uses, and some basic skills. Then venture outdoors to practice navigating through our 100-ft compass circle. 4-8 (FWS)

Orienteering II
Now that you know the basics of using a compass, use your skills on a bigger scale and test your ability to navigate! After classroom practice, groups navigate their way through a 10-acre course. 4-8 (FWS)

Pony Rides
With this intro to horseback riding, mount up on a full sized horse and take a short ride in a controlled environment. Riders must be 8 years or younger. (FS)

Tower Climbing
In this intro to rock climbing, learn about safety equipment, and safety orientation, then climb a 40 foot-high climbing tower. 4-12 (FWS)

Trail Rides
Enjoy a guided trail ride on our 70 acres of hilly, wooded land. Included in this is a 10-minute instructional safety class before mounting up and heading out on the trail. Riders must be 9+. (FWS)

Wilderness Survival Training
Learn practical life skills and survival tips that are useful anywhere. Groups are challenged to accomplish a survival task such as building a one-match fire or shelter. 5-8 (FWS)

Adventure soars to new levels on our incredible biplane. Following an introduction to the safety equipment and safety orientation by our trained instructors, you will ascend the 52’ zip tower and “fly” 900 feet, ending with a gentle landing provided but our unique lowering system. 5-12 (FWS)

Team building

High Ropes
Experience personal growth and team bonding on the elaborate 22-element, double-decker high ropes course. Be introduced to the Tall Ts - Target, Team, and Trust to step outside of your comfort zone under the watchful eyes of trained instructors. the course can be configured in two age-appropriate modes. (FS)

Team building Basic
Geared towards younger students, this class is designed to introduce you to our 5 C’s Curriculum of Challenge, Communication, Cooperation, Caring and Commitment through a series of age appropriate activities. 3-5 (FWS)

Teambuilding I
This course is taught through a sequence of increasingly difficult challenges, culminating in the low ropes challenge course areas. 5-12 (FWS)

Teambuilding II
In this more advanced team building course, experience field challenges culminating to one of our “Mowhawk Walk” challenge course areas. Timber-lee’s 5 C’s - Challenge, Communication, Cooperation, Caring and Commitment - are the key to the group’s success in these challenges.

Community Activities

Finish your busy day with a relaxing campfire. Choose from several settings to create a memorable time of reflection on the day. Fires are included in the cost of your retreat and roasting sticks are available upon request. Adult supervision is required. (FWS)

Country Store
Students and leaders can browse shelves packed with souvenirs and Timber-lee gear including sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, cameras, stuffed animals, buttons and much more. Note: Science Center gift shop is also open upon request, 8:45 am - 5:15 pm. 1-12 (FWS)

Take a break from your busy schedule. Let your students relax, have a snack from the vending machines and play some games. Enjoy carpetball, Foosball, Ping Pong, as well as a lounge area. 4-8 (FWS)

Come out and enjoy a hayride. A great way to interact with fellow students. Our hayrides are tractor-drawn and can accommodate up to 40 riders. Rides are offered in either 30 minute or 1-hour time blocks. K-8 (FS)

Nature’s Game Show
We’ve combined the game shows of yesterday with nature’s trivia for an hour of rowdy fun and learning. Students are challenged to use the knowledge that they have learned in the classroom and at camp. 4-8 (FWS)

Night Hike
Leave your flashlight behind and use all of your senses as you venture into the night. Students will develop self-confidence and an appreciation of the night as well as trust and cooperation with classmates. Large groups will be divided into multiple smaller groups for this activity. 4-8 (FS)

Sport areas
Enjoy open play on the Timber-lees sports areas. There is baseball, soccer, basketball, bank shot basketball, sand volleyball, tetherball, and 5 miles of hiking trails. Their open areas also lend themselves to your own organized games.

Winter Recreation
Get outdoors in the winter time and have a blast on the slopes at Timber-lee. Your winter rec time includes the Tube hill, tube run, toboggan run, broom ball and the game room. (W)

Wolf Pack
This active night time challenge activity has students learning about wolves through a short video, then working together with others of their “pack” to search for our local “alpha wolf”. This is an all-camp activity and may combine several school groups. 4-8 (FWS)