Saddle Horn Ranch

Welcome to the Saddle Horn Ranch! This is the home of 25+ horses, 50 farm animals, a working blacksmith shop, and leather shop. During ranch interactions, students are introduced to animals native to farms to enhance their appreciation of the natural world.

Fun awaits you at the ranch

HORSEBACK RIDING is available all year round! There are different levels to accomodate any age group. Students will enjoy a guided trail ride on our 70 acres of hilly, wooded land. We will provide an instructional class before mounting up and heading out on the trail.

At the ANIMAL FARM, students can get up close to pet and feed goats, sheep, chickens, steer, and more! become familiar with farm animal vocabulary and equipment in our Animal Farm course. Students obtain an understanding of the workings

In our LEATHER SHOP, students are instructed in the proper way to pound, dye, stamp, and complete a piece of leather.

HAYRIDES are a great way to let your students relax and have fun while taking time to connect with each other. While riding in the hayrack along our beautiful farm fields, we offer 1⁄2 hour and 1 hour hayrides.