Science Education Center

Take learning to the next level

Let us teach your students at our state-of-the- art 14,000 sq.ft. Science Education Center (SEC)! Our curriculum supports your existing science programs with focused instruction, interpretive displays, live animals, and accessible outdoor areas. Our instructors will lead your students through active learning; utilizing sensory experience, inquiry, and real-life problem solving in a wide range of subjects and skills.

We teach from curriculum that has been specifically designed by our expert environmental educators. The lessons support both Wisconsin and Illinois state education standards, follow leading environmental education foundation guidelines, and can include common core designed lessons at your request.

During the average school year, we serve roughly 200+ schools and organizations within a 90-mile radius at our Science Education Center. Class sizes can be as small as 12 students and can go up to as many as 250 students in some group activities!

This remarkable experience will be an adventure your students will not forget. Teachers confirm that the hands-on learning, real-life experiences, and personal interaction take your students’ understanding and fact retention to the next level!

  • More than 75 species to see and touch
  • 10+ indoor classrooms for instruction time
  • 35+ interactive displays focused on physical forces, energy, human body, natural resources, and resource stewardship
  • Trained instructors
  • Optional common core lessons to use with your classroom before, during, and after your school visit
  • Positive experiences in science, math, and nature in the outdoors

Example Programs & Facilities

Wisconsin and Illinois winters will not prevent learning with our variety of indoor locations designed for hands-on learning and group discussions. Let us tell you about a few of the unique facilities in the Science Education Center: 

The upper animal room is designed to showcase a variety of reptile and fish species. Students are invited to hold turtles, snakes, lizards, and amphibians while learning about the role these animals play in their native communities.

Through interacting with mammals and birds, students will also learn respect for animals and appreciation for their unique characteristics. Staff teach students how to create a safe environment for interacting with our domesticated or unreleasable wild-born animals.

*Allergies and animal rooms: Both the Upper and Lower Animal Rooms have separate air systems from the other Classrooms to protect students with allergies.

This area features over 35 engaging displays focusing on force, power, matter, and energy. Students love to learn about their interactions with the physical world in this popular room. 

We strive to teach and live out energy conservation and responsible resource stewardship here at the SEC. In fact, the SEC building and aquatic environments are climate controlled using a geothermal exchange system, utilizing ambient heat from underground to heat or cool the air or water as needed.

MARINE BIOLOGY ROOM This underwater themed room showcases salt water fish and coral in a mimicked natural environment. Students can touch real living coral and other marine invertebrates in our behind the scenes area as well! Sign up for a marine life class to enjoy this room and you will learn all about it!

• Human body systems
• Insects from around the world
• Rocks and minerals
• Fossils
• Animal tracking
• Astronomy
• Many more!

Common Core Standards

In order to support schools in the implementation of common core directives in their classrooms, we’ve written standards-based activity lesson plans for the SEC program’s most popular classes. The lessons can be implemented fully on grounds by signing up for a two-hour class block, or by working through “before” and “after” plans in journaling time at camp or at school. Please inquire about adding common core base lessons when booking your trip.