Timber Challenge

Allow your students to leave their comfort zones “in the dust” through the various program offerings of Timber Challenge! Through experiences such as scaling our 40’ tall rock climbing tower, soaring down our 900’ long ziplines, or tackling the obstacles on our 22 element, double-decker high ropes course, your students can try new things and build self confidence, all the while under the watchful eye of our trained instructors.

Want to take your class performance to the next level? Look no further than the Timber Challenge’s program! Utilizing the Timber Challenge “5 Cs” of Challenge, Communication, Cooperation, Caring and Commitment in combination with age-appropriate games & activities, students are encouraged to collaborate with each other, respect other’s ideas, and problem-solve while working toward shared goals.

just some of our offerings:


A camp classic, ARCHERY encourages focus, listening, and observation skills on the part of your students. Timber-lee’s trained instructors use range equipment and training curriculum consistent with the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP.)

Cross-Country Skiiing

Through CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING, experience the beauty of our rolling hills and wooded trails while taking part in one of the most effective forms of physical exercise. Accompanied by our trained instructors, your students will learn techniques such as the “Diagonal Stride,” “Double Poling,” and the “Tail Star Turns.”


From the top of our 52 foot tall ZIPLINE tower, your students will be encouraged to “take flight”! Traveling almost 900 feet before gently returning to earth via our unique powered lowering system, the experience takes place under the close supervision of our trained instructors. Our thoughtfully designed zipline tower also provides an opportunity for all to check out the view from the highest point at Timber-lee while encouraging participants and sharing in the experience.

High Ropes

Our elaborate, multi-level HIGH ROPES COURSE is nestled in the woods at Timber-lee. It presents challenges for those brave enough to face obstacles like the “Burma Bridge,” “Cargo Net,” or the “Islands.” Under the supervision of trained instructors, your students can test their limits, face their fears, and realize their potential alongside their classmates in an encouraging, supportive setting.